Will you become Arí’s new Muse? Do you have something to say that matches our vision? Please don’t be shy, come and meet us!

Ok, so what’s our vision? It’s about empowerment, loving yourself, not taking yourself too seriously and most of all it’s female! We approach feminism with sophisticated humour. Do you share our vision and do you love lingerie? This is your chance! 

Some things that come in handy:

  • You live in Rotterdam, or nearby (we have to do some fittings in our Rotterdam based atelier)
  • You are not afraid of the camera and preferably have some experience in front of it
  • You love lingerie and want free lingerie from us!
  • You are confident about your body (yes you can love yourself, don’t be shy!)
  • You have something to say; it’s not all about beauty, we like brains too!

Things you will get in return:

  • You will get rewarded with free lingerie/swimwear!
  • We will include you in the design process so you will have an influence of what you’re gonna wear
  • You are able to use the pictures freely for portfolio purposes
  • If you’re into sewing/3D design, you can use our atelier and facilities to work on your own projects
  • We will cover your expenses

We are looking for women of all sizes (and colours of course!), but at the moment we are particularly looking for someone who comes close to Lidewij’s measurements. This makes the number of fittings and design process easier as she can test the garments on herself. Lidewij’s measurements:

  • Height 160, bust 84, waist 67, hips 92
  • bra size: 65C or 65D (depends on time of the month…). Most women do not have size 75B so if you’re wearing a 75B and have the above mentioned measurements you definitely have to come in because you can wear a different size bra that’s gonna fit way better ;).

It looks a bit like this:

Don’t worry if you don’t have these measurements, we are looking for multiple muses with different kinds of body types, so please do apply!

We are always looking for interesting (trans)women who inspire us. You don’t have to be a professional, as long as you’re not afraid of the camera. A little bit of experience can come in handy, so if you’ve got some nice shots, please send them with your motivation to