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Vocal Embodiment

Wear the message of sustainable fashion

Arí’s new collection vocal embodiment is a collaboration with singer ANNNA​. Arí has a huge passion for music and wanted to visualise a singer’s voice onto a garment so the singer could wear her voice. Looking for a voice that also had something to say Arí came across ANNNA who sings about topics like fast fashion and climate change. The perfect match…

Science is the basis of all garments made by Arí

Arí is using ANNNA’s voice as input to come up with graphic visualizations that she will transform into garments by using 3D printing, laser cutting, embroidery, silk screen printing etc. A strong criteria for the materials used is that they are sustainable and sustainably sourced.

Photo Josefien Hoekstra
Vocal Embodiment Set

With this collection Arí has been nominated for the Fashion Makes Sense Award. At least 4 more looks will follow. The complete collection will be shown at Fashion Clash Festival November 27th. 

Pictures of this first look are created by the most amazing team of powerful women. 

Photo: Josefien Hoekstra

Mua: Ashley Groenewald

Model: Tinotenda Mushore

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