Fundamentals Structured Foam Lined Bra


The Fundamentals Structured Foam Lined Bra is our most supportive bra including our custom fit underwire replacement; the Curvearis. It’s meant to be comfortable during the day and can be worn underneath every type of garment. The foam lined cups shape your breasts and cover up when it’s cold. The Curvearis is integrated in the garment and covered with soft fabric to ease your skin.

Our model Jamie is wearing her bra with a double lined waistband of nude fabric in the back, to give the impression of transparency, but remain optimal support and comfort. 

Every bra is created bespoke to fit your body and needs. We can customize each element of your garment.




All our garments are created by hand in our own atelier in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For more information about the process, please visit our FAQ page.


Features of this garment:

  • • Including the Curvearis, our custom fit, 3D printed underwire replacement
  • • Specially developed to support women with both smaller and larger breasts
  • • Foam lined cups to provide maximum support and shaping
  • • Ideal to wear under a T-shirt
  • • Optional double lining in back band possible, several nude tones available to match your skin
  • • Adjustable straps and closure to ensure your bra lasts a long time
  • • Price starts from €895, depending on your needs


Our model Jamie is wearing garments custom made for her. Press the button below if you want your own custom made Structured Foam Lined Bra including the Curvearis underwire replacement:



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