Bodysuit Size Guide

All Arí van Twillert bodysuits are tested on different women to provide a comfortable fit. The adjustable waistband in the back enables you to create your personal fit. We make a distinction between your clothing size and bra size. Look up your regular bra size and your waist + hip measurement to determine your personal size combination for our bodysuits.

Trouble finding your size? We are happy to assist you on finding your fit. Please send us an e-mail at to discuss possiblities.

Arí Bra Size


Arí Clothing Size

Arí SizeWaist (cm)Hips (cm)

For bodysuits: if your waist and hip ratio is not represented in the table above, we recommend choosing the size that's closest to your waist size.

Water Drift Bodysuit


“Sea levels are rising and if climate change continues, Amsterdam will be completely engulfed by the year 2300.”

This colourful embroidered bodysuit is inspired by the ‘Dutch Drift’ against water. The Dutch are experts in water management and monitor water levels in every river, canal or lake. Our drift against rising sea levels has been a fight to control the waters around us for centuries. The colourful bars in this garment embody a graph of water levels in the Amsterdam canals during heavy rain in 2017. The Water Drift Collection depicts dry feet should not be taken for granted in The Netherlands, as soon the rising sea levels will be uncontrollable.

Every pattern piece is carefully embroidered separately and aligned on tulle so the graph is not disturbed. The embroidery strengthens the tulle for extra support envisioning our philosophy of balancing aesthetics and comfort. 


Size Guide

Inspired by the Taskforce Fashion After Flood project. Embroidery is produced by Tegendraads. 

Every Water Drift Bodysuit is made to order by hand in our Rotterdam (NL) based studio. Normal delivery would be 2 – 4 weeks, but in times of COVID-19 it could take a little longer due to material supplies and availability of labour. We will inform you throughout the production process on your order status. Sorry for the inconvenience! For more information about our process, please visit the Process or FAQ page or send an e-mail.


Features of this garment:

  • • Visualizing the ‘Dutch Drift’ against water
  • • Based on water levels in the Amsterdam canals
  • • Every pattern piece is embroidered separately and carefully aligned on tulle
  • • Ideal bodysuit for lingerie as outerwear
  • • Adjustable straps to create your own fit
  • • Size distinction in bra and clothing size to create your personal fit
  • • Alluring back with a stripe to cover just in the right place
  • • Body closure at the crotch
  • • Customization is possible upon request 

Additional information

Arí Bra Size

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Arí Clothing Size

34, 36, 38, 40, 42